Boost Your Image with Our Furniture Upholstery Services

Quality work and reliability are just a couple reasons for our growing client list of commercial customers.  We specialize in custom furniture and work to provide quality renovations to suit the needs of the trade and to fit their time frame. We offer complete furniture upholstery restoration services to commercial and industrial clients from a broad range of industries.

Our Commercial Sewing Workroom

We can take on production sewing jobs, from small runs to large ongoing contracts. All work is done here locally by our own sewing professionals

Keep Your Restaurant Furniture Upholstery in Great Shape

Restaurant furniture upholstery takes a beating daily.  From people scooting roughly across benches to food stains and drink spills, bottomline: your fabric wears out fast. 

Let Caniglias Upholstery Service's repair and renovation services make them look like new again!

Client: Dante Pizzeria