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If you need window treatment ideas for your home but you don't know how to move forward, we've got your back!

We aim to exceed client expectations by delivering amazing, affordable, and comprehensive services. Our window treatment services include:

  • Custom drapes,
  • Custom Roman Shades,
  • Toppers,
  • Valances,
  • Cornice boards
  • Fancy treatments such as Swags and Jabots ... and more

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Your window is an important component of your home and can have a dramatic impact on a room, and not just in terms of decor.  Here's a brief rundown of a few types of window treatments offered by Caniglias Upholstery Service.

Roman Shades


Shades are soft panels of fabric that are attached to a frame. They come in various lengths, widths, fabrics, and textures, and a cord is used to manipulate them up and down.If you're looking for shades, you'll find lots of options.

Roman shades will pleat when drawn up, while balloon shades jut out, providing a puffy appearance. Tie shades must be tied on each end to remain up.




Cornice boards

Swags and Jabots



Ask yourself a few questions

  • How much light or view do you want to allow through?
  • Does it also need to insulate or dampen sound?
  • What do the window trims, ceiling, and nearby walls allow in terms of mounting?
  • Do you want the windows to disappear or be a focal point for the room?
  • How does it create a composition with other aspects of the room?

Which type of window treatment is right for you (based on your objectives)

  • To let in light but maintain privacy: Blinds allow light in, but without sacrificing privacy.
  • To block out light: Drapes, with their added layer, block out light and are thus popular for bedrooms. They can also insulate against heat and cold.
  • To make a decor statement: Curtains tend to come in fabrics with patterns and colors that make them a focal point, and they can be used to cover up blinds or shades that are less aesthetically pleasing.

To schedule an appointment call 402-334-9149